Route&Fare コース&料金

The taxi sightseeing refers to the service by which you can charter a taxi for the day of your tour to visit tourist destinations by taxi. The service is well received because tourists can enjoy a trip at their pleasure in a relaxed way. As the service is basically available at JR stations in Nagato City as the starting point of the tour, it is very convenient. Reservations in advance are required for taxi sightseeing.

※ The price includes tax.

No.Course NameRouteFare
1Round-trip to Motonosumi-Inari ShrineJR Nagato-Furuichi Station↔Motonosumi-Inari¥5,500
2Non-stop run to Motonosumi-Inari ShrineJR Nagato-Furuichi Station→Motonosumi-Inari¥3,000
3Non-stop run to JR Nagato-Furuichi StationMotonosumi-Inari→JR Nagato-Furuichi Station¥3,000
4Motonosumi-Inari&SenjyojikiJR Nagato-Furuichi Station↔Motonosumi-Inari/Senjyojiki¥6,000
5Go to Oumijima Island!JR Nagatoshi Station→Oumijima Island¥2,400
6Go to Kaneko Misuzu Memorial Museum!JR Nagatoshi Station→Kaneko Misuzu Memorial Museum ¥950
7Go to Senza-kitchenJR Nagatoshi Station→Senzaki Roadside Station ¥870
8Go to the whale townJR Nagatoshi Station→Kayoi¥3,400
9Go to Tsunoshima Island! 1JR Nagatoshi Station→Tsunoshima¥10,000
10Go to Tsunoshima Island! 2JR Nagatoshi Station→Tsunoshima¥8,150
11Go to Tsunoshima Island! 3JR Hitomaru Station→Tsunoshima¥7,500
12Go to Akiyoshidai 1JR Nagatoshi Station→Akiyoshido Cave¥9,000
13Go to Akiyoshidai 2JR Senzaki Station→Akiyoshido Cave¥8,500
14Go to Yumoto Hot Spring 1JR Nagatoshi Station→Yumoto Hot Spring¥2,000
15Go to Yumoto Hot Spring 2JR Senzaki Station→Yumoto Hot Spring¥2,200
16Go to Yumoto Hot Spring 3JR Nagato-Furuichi Station→Yumoto Hot Spring¥4,200
17Go to Hagi World Heritage 1JR Nagatoshi Station→Hagi Bus Center¥7,500
18Go to Hagi World Heritage 2JR Senzaki Station→Hagi Bus Center¥8,400
19Go to Hagi World Heritage 3JR Nagato-Furuichi Station→Hagi Bus Center¥9,700


Major Taxi Stands for Nagato Taxi Sightseeing

We can offer courses for taxi sightseeing according to the taxi stand you use. Please feel free to ask us.


【JR Conventional Lines】


        (Sanin Main Line)

JR Senzaki Station/JR Nagatoshi Station/Kiwado Station/JR Nagato-Furuichi Station/JR Hitomaru Station/Igami Station/Ngatato-Awano Station/Agawa Station/Kottoi Station/Takibe Station/Nagato-Futami Station/Ukahongo Station/Yutama Station/Kogushi Station/Kawatana-Onsen Station/Nagato-Misumi Station/Ii Station/Sammi Station/Tamae Station/Hagi Station/Higashi-Hagi Station/Koshigahama Station/Nagato-Oi Station, , etc.


       (Mine Line)

Itamochi Station/Nagato-Yumoto Station/Shibuki Station/Ofuku Station/Shigeyasu Station/Mine Station, etc.



【JR Shinkansen】

Shin-Yamaguchi Station/Asa Station/Shin-Shimonoseki Station



Yamaguchi-Ube Airport/Kitakyushu Airport/Iwami Airport